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From interactive experiences to blog posts, web content is a great way to provide thought leadership and showcase a bit of your personality. Some of my favorites are below.

 Client: IBM  |  Role: Writer  |  Agency: Centerline Digital

Client: IBM  |  Role: Writer  |  Agency: Centerline Digital


IBM Z Tables

For IBM’s main conference, THINK, the IBM Z team asked our team at Centerline to create interactive, video game experiences. After brainstorms, we moved forward with two ideas - a matching challenge, and a pipe building game.

From there, I was able to write up a gameflow document to give our client an idea of what these experiences would be like. In addition to onscreen explanation copy, uur doc also gave subject matter experts prompts for when to explain business benefits during game play.


Once in development, I was responsible for proofreading and revising copy before the games went live to very happy THINK players.

Pace Communications Blog

As I continued to learn more about the world of content marketing, I became fascinated with learning more about millennial marketing and the latest trends in the industry. I decided to use this newfound knowledge to provide content for the Pace blog.

All of my articles for the Pace blog can be seen here.

Elegant Baby Princess Mousie Campaign

When baby gifting company, Elegant Baby, came to us with an ask, we jumped at the opportunity to take on a new challenge. Writing for the luxury baby market was something very unique and intriguing to our team. Princess Mousie was the main character in Elegant Baby’s fall collection, and they wanted to feature her as much as possible. So our team decided to write a fairy tale in three blog posts. Each chapter described Princess Mousie’s search to find her true talents leading to the ballerina mouse that was featured on the new product line. Along with blog posts, we created beautiful social tiles in the same style as the blog illustrations. 



FH Foundation Personal Stories


A cause that is near and dear to me is the mission of the FH Foundation. This non-profit, patient-centric organization works to raise awareness of familial hypercholesterolemia.



In doing so, they have created a community of advocates who all have their own stories to tell. I often help craft these stories. The below example is my favorite, though I am biased - it's my mom.

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