• Pendo Pendomonium Event Opener

    This highly stylized animation was created at Centerline Digital for the opening of Pendo's annual conference. They wanted something unique and exciting to set the mood for their conference.

    Creative Director: Fabian Marquez
    Art Director: Mike Delaney
    Writer: Mackenzie Ames
    Animator: Jinkgy Gilbert
    Composer: Joe Basile
    Special Thanks: Foss Knight

  • IBM WebSphere V9

    This animated series, created at Centerline Digital, uses 30 seconds to highlight one benefit of the IBM WebSphere V9 Application Server.

    Creative Director: Josh O'Dell
    Writer: Mackenzie Ames
    Animator: Michael Mercer
    Composer: Joe Basile

  • Shelterbox Prepares the Real World

    This video was created in less than a week as part of a volunteer effort with Shelterbox and Centerline Digital.

    Creative Director: Tyler Dady
    Writer: Mackenzie Ames
    Animator: Chance Qin
    Composer: Brandon Chapman
    Special Thanks: Kate Harvell & Meredith Massey

  • The Babble Creek Monster - Walmart World

    For Halloween, Eric S. Brown, horror author and Walmart associate, wrote an original story for Walmart World magazine. This animation, created at Pace Communications, is based on that story.

    Art Director: Larry Williams
    Producer: Mackenzie Ames
    Writer: Mackenzie Ames
    Voice Talent Director: Mackenzie Ames

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