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Mackenzie F.A.Q.

1) Where are you from?
        I was born and raised in Daytona Beach - proud to call myself a native Floridian - but North Carolina has been my home for the last six years.

2) Why should I hire you?
        At my core I am a creative and collaborative storyteller. I know how to bring a human voice to complex conversations in a reliable, detail-oriented, deadline-driven way. I also love to bake, and my treats often find their way into offices.

3) What would you say is your greatest strength?
         I'm dependable. If I say I will do something, you can trust that I will absolutely do it. 

4) What would you say is your greatest weakness?
          My triceps. Just kidding. No, that's it. I'm a sucker for bad jokes.

5) What are your two truths and a lie?
        - As a child I performed as a clown.
        - I have never been outside the US.
        - I own a box of Flutie Flakes.

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