• As a 30 year old woman I’ve discovered two things: 1) I’m a part of a lot of bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties. 2) I love designing for the event from the invitations to the decorations and games. Not many people enjoy this stuff, which is why I’m offering to take the burden off you.

    Unlike the bundles you’ll find online, I customize everything based on a theme and the guest of honor. I ask questions to create personal pieces based on the party you’re throwing. No standard Party City look here. Contact me to discuss what I can do to ease the stress of your big event.

    What you’ll get from me: A Google Drive link that contains the files we discuss (invitations, signs, game pieces, etc.) in the sizes you need. You can have them printed at home or elsewhere.

  • Denny Bridal Shower

    Denny Bridal Shower

    Being friends with the bride helped me know the best theme to use when designing her decorations. The textured black with floral borders fit the theme of her big celebration.

  • Verteramo Baby Shower

    Verteramo Baby Shower

    When the host of the party decided on "She's Ready to Pop" as the theme, I went to work on these circus themed decorations.

  • Who Has the Groom Game

    Who Has the Groom Game

    This is such a fun game for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and it can be tweaked for any party you're throwing. All I need is a list of "grooms" (between 20 and 30), and I can make these little guys. Place them all in envelopes, and the guest who ends up with the real groom wins a prize!

  • Huston Bridal Shower

    Huston Bridal Shower

    This bride's shower was a lovely afternoon tea. I combined that with the fact that her wedding is 90s themed to create these Friends tea party inspired decorations and games.

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