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The world of creativity opens up when brainstorming an animation. That's why I love it, and I love what I've shared here. 


Pendomonium 2017

Every year Raleigh-based tech company Pendo holds a conference called Pendomonium. The Pendo team came to Centerline to find something bold, engaging, and different to set the stage for their first event. As a team, we decided on a 1940s newsreel style. After two entertaining afternoons watching real examples, I set to work writing this script.

Client: Pendo | Role: Writer | Agency: Centerline Digital


29,000+ views on YouTube


IBM WebSphere Animated Shorts

Never underestimate the power of a quick and quirky digital short. These pieces were individually posted to social media in an attempt to bring some awareness and personality to IBM WebSphere.

Client: IBM | Role: Writer | Agency: Centerline Digital

ShelterBox in Wonderland

In a massive effort of teamwork and collaboration, those of us at Centerline participated in a 48 hour create-a-thon for the non-profit ShleterBox USA. In that time, my team created 3 videos and several gifs for social media. This was my favorite of the animations we produced. 

Client: ShelterBox USA | Role: Writer | Agency: Centerline Digital

Babble Creek Monster

For the Halloween issue of Walmart World our team discovered that a Walmart Associate was also the author of horror/thriller novels. We asked him to write a short story specifically for our magazine. Then, as producer, I worked to turn his story into an animated short. I edited the script, managed the pre-production, shot the behind-the-scenes footage, and supervised the post-production of each video in this campaign - an animation, a making of video, and an interview with the author. 

Client: Walmart | Role: Writer & Producer | Agency: Pace Communications